Searching for food processor reviews…

In case you were wondering about the sources of good and unbiased food processor reviews, you are in luck. This little guide is aimed at showing you some of the places you can find a truly different content.

When I say different I mean informative above all else. Internet is full of food processor reviews, and if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or anything at all about these machines you expose yourself to potential danger of wasting a great deal of cash. There are a lot of websites that don’t actually test the products they’re reviewing, as you probably already know.

These websites gather their info online and from user-reviews, and follow that up by grading the products in certain categories based on what they’ve read. The main problem here is that they never actually come into contact with anything they’re reviewing, and can’t really offer any significant info; or at least they can’t offer something you yourself can’t find online if you spend a bit of time combing through what Google has to offer.

food processor reviews

You need to get your info from a well-trusted source featuring user reviews but also some feedback from the experts after they’ve tested the product hands-on. Food processor reviews are among the most important ones we do simply because they cost as much as they do. Their price tags are pretty high, ranging up to a couple thousands of dollars and that’s why you want to gather as much info as possible before making the final cut.

I don’t have to tell you about the state of the market nowadays, do I? It’s a pretty large mess where everybody is trying to get customers to look his way by any means possible and imaginable. That’s the environment you’ve decided to do your shopping in, so you better prepare yourself for a lot of false advertising and shady deals before you get that one product you know will fit your personal needs and preferences.

I’m going to say that I’m pretty proud with the amount of work we manage to get done here. We don’t have a lot of cash or funding, but we somehow manage to make every single one of our reviews as genuine and meaningful as possible. We test all of the reviewed products, or we have some professionals test them for us instead. The point I’m trying to make is that that’s the model you want to look for.

I’m not saying we’re the only website doing this, there are a lot of pages where people test the products they’re reviewing like So, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to the people holding your desired product and testing it to the max rather than those reading reviews online and pretending they’re some sort of experts.

So, you can start with us if you so desire, or you can give trusty old Google a call, but be sure you get a trusty source for your food processor reviews before anything else. It’s the surefire way of making a smart investment once you have all the necessary info on the product you think might suit your needs.

Gerber multi tools – a short company history and best models

Having a Gerber multi tool in your collection has always been a sign of prestige among the passionate collectors. We’re not dealing with prices in this moment; we’re dealing in Gerber name and legacy. The fact that the army chose Gerber says a lot about the quality of this multi tool.

What I’ll try to do in this article:

The story about Gerber Company is your classic story about a big idea and small beginnings. It really shows all you need is a dream and enough supplies of persistence to see it through.

multi tool reviews

Short history lesson about Gerber

What is today a titan among knives and multi tool manufacturers today, began small back in 1939.

Selling small handmade batches of cutlery, Joseph R. Gerber had a dream, an idea and an untamed determination. The 60s came quickly, and Gerber was not sleeping on the job. By that time, the company became much bigger, with a bunch of retail accounts countrywide.

From a small group of cutlery-makers Gerber became one of the most well-known, most trusted names of the industry. It only goes to show you don’t really need all that much in order to make a name for yourself and start making a living by doing what you love.

We’re still talking about Gerber today, so they certainly did something right. Their motto tells you they’re making tools and knives to last you a lifetime, and judging by their sales worldwide I think a lot of people believe them. You can find all sorts of products in their arsenal, no matter what your particular needs are. Their tools are every man’s dream – the kind of piece that you would pass on to the next generation.

Their best tools

Talking about Gerber can’t go without mentioning a couple of their best products. Now I know that when I start talking about “best products” opinions come into to the picture. But there are some core values of quality that are universal. Many of those are attached to good name of this multi tool brand.

I’ve chosen three different tools I consider to be representation of their best work, and if you have an opinion to share, you can start a discussion in the comments.

We’ll do basic reviews of:

  • Gerber Suspension
  • Gerber Diesel
  • Gerber mp600

These are my three picks. You can always suggest one of your own, and we’ll have a lively debate.

best multi tool

Gerber Suspension

The Suspension is a perfect representative of a nostalgic feeling woven into all of their products.

It’s named and made to resemble the bridges of Gerber’s home town. Excellent multi tool featuring all the separate pieces you would expect from a premium Gerber.

It’s sturdy and well-made, and will do any job you put in front of it. Once you start, reviewing it proves to be difficult because you can say so much, but I’ve already said more than enough about it and don’t want to go on a writing spree.

I like it, customers like it, and it’s a proud member of so many collections. Perfect representative of what you can expect to get from the brand.

Gerber Diesel

This is a tank of a multi tool. It’s a proper workhorse, and it’s made to withstand a lot of abuse. I don’t know if it’s ok starting its review and calling it a workhorse right off the bat, but if the very company uses the word to describe it, who am I to argue.

It’s a heavy-duty multi tool and, if I am being dramatic, it’ll go where no other multi tool has gone before.

Gerber MP600

Multi-plier is something you’ll hear mentioned a lot when people talk about these tools.

Let’s start strong, in my opinion; Gerber MP600 is one of the best multi tools our market has ever seen.

Diversity and utility packed into one compact and versatile piece of gear. Starting from the pliers, which are exactly what you would expect, and moving on to all the other pieces that are good enough to stand their ground with any standalone tool, this thing is old-school American craftsmanship embodied.

I’m a fan for life.

Best Remington hair straighteners

hair straightener reviewsBest hair straightener reviews are the reason I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve read a ton of them searching for material for my article dedicated to Remington. I was searching for the best product of theirs to meet a bunch of my criteria I already set in my mind.

I was looking for a product that’s not only great quality, but also affordable from perspective of an average user. It’s easy to find a good product if you’re willing to dish out a lot of cash for it. If your budget is somewhat tight, however that whole chase becomes a bit tougher. It helps, though to know how to read between the lines of the hair straightener reviews when choosing the best.

I could, of course just type hair straighteners, and look for the most expensive pieces, but that would defeat the purpose of this entire article. I consider finding a great product within a certain budget as an art form of sort. Anybody can find a decent or good-quality product when the budget is not an issue, but adding a bit of constriction to it really reduces the number of potential takers for this task. Luckily, it’s what I love to do. There’s nothing that can compare with the feeling of finding a gem in some forgotten corner of the internet and bringing it to your readers.

So, after checking out a lot of straighteners, I think I found us a winner. It’s Remington S-9400. There’s a lot more to its official title than that, but that’ll do it for now. People are overjoyed with the tool, and the price is very affordable for the quality. I mean, it’s not a 15[dollar piece, but not even I can find a zinger with that kind of budget. This was the best I could do, and you can go out there and try to do better. I’m really curious to hear about your experiences, so be sure to share them with us once you’ve found something you’re satisfied with. As far as my story goes, I’ll stick with this particular model, as it features everything I was dead set on finding. It also fits my budget, what’s there not to love?

Now that we know what we’ll be talking about for the rest of the article, we can do a little review and see what made me choose this model as a representative of my ideas and preferences.

Tstudio collection Remington S-9400 ceramic hair straightener

Ok, time for me to face the music.

The first thing we need to talk about when reviewing any particular hair straightener are the plates. I’ve employed not a little amount of my own knowledge while going through best hair straightener reviews, pondering what kind of plates I want vs. those I can actually afford. Once I’ve gone to hair straighteners, I’ve finally decide it had to be ceramic or titanium. I would’ve been ecstatic to find ceramic plates with titanium coating, but this model wait for it……. Has titanium plates with ceramic coating!!! This is a dream come true with this constricting of a budget. And that’s not all, no sir! It also features tourmaline, and we all know the story about negative ions and how they affect our hair. I still can’t get over the fact that I found titanium plates in this price range. Titanium will heat up really quickly and will distribute that heat very evenly, which is even more important. Even heat distribution means that there will be no hot spots anywhere on the plates, preventing any possibility of burning your hair. Especially those of you with thin or fine hair should be overjoyed with this feature. Plates are wide enough, so you can do your entire hair much faster and before.

Remington S-9400

While reading opinions on this model I’ve realized people really enjoy how precise the temperature control is. It’s digital, and you even have an option to lock the temperature on the desired setting. That’s good to know since this iron really dishes out a formidable heat. It goes up to 430 degrees, which is equal to salon quality tools.

It says in the product specification, and Remington confirm it. It’ll take it about 30 seconds to reach its working temperature, and the turbo Boost will set it to highest automatically, if you so desire.

SUV – camping 5 essential tips

Welcome to my new article aimed to teach you a bit about camping out of your car. If you find yourself on a pretty long road trip, you should definitely make camping a part of your adventure. It’s tons of fun, and it’ll give you that special adventurous feeling of reconnecting with Mother Nature. A feeling every single one of us should experience once in a while given how stressful the modern life can become if you’re not having at least a little bit of fun.

I have a lot of useful info to share with you, so we better get on it right away.

Dry run is always a god idea

Once you have your gear all packed and ready to rumble, you should definitely check its overall performance and functionality on a shorter trip. Make it local and nothing fancy, but enough of a challenge for your equipment to show its true colors. You don’t want to jump into a full-blown long road trip only to realize some pieces of your essential camping gear aren’t exactly working the way they’re supposed to.

camping essential2

Bin it for extra space

I know taking your car with you seems like it gives you an unlimited amounts of free space, but it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be, trust me. Room gets filled with stuff very rapidly, especially if you’re about to start a trek that takes a couple of weeks to traverse. Using bins in these situations can really help making your experience a lot “roomier”. You can pack A LOT of stuff in those bins, and they’ll free up a lot of space. That’s the entire point of this tip since space is ALWAYS an issue, no matter if you’re going on foot or by car. Another great thing about this is that you can just throw them in your garage after you’re done, and use them again on your next adventure.

Mind your luggage

camping essentialYou’ll want some of your luggage going with you inside the tent. We’re talking some supplies and clothes mostly. Be aware that wild animals tend to be attracted to some toiletry smells, especially bears. So, if you find yourself camping in an area known for its bear inhabitants, you should definitely seal away your shampoos, lip balms with flavors, and so on into a packaging that’ll prevent the smell from spreading around the area too much and have some unwanted visitors come knocking.

Air sleeping

Inflatable bedding for camping purposes is something I recommend highly, even with your car around. When miles and miles of driving await in the morning, you’ll definitely want a good night’s sleep, and a decent air mattress will definitely deliver in this aspect of your camping trip. You should get an air mattress that’s both comfortable and sturdy. It’ll have to provide you with a good rest, but also be able to resist all the things waiting for it on the ground. You don’t want to prepare to doze off under the starry sky only to realize your air mattress wasn’t exactly all that puncture resistant, and you’ve ended up wit a piece of rubber instead of a very comfortable bedding. Those couple of extra bucks you’ve saved by buying a cheaper model will come in really handy in that kind of situations.

Roomy tent is a great investment

All the fun that can be found in your camping experience will quickly start to fade if you end up sleeping in a tent that’s way too crowded or cramped. You should aim for one that has enough space for you, you air mattress, and your camping bags.

Home-made recipes for dandruff

Dandruff can be more than a simple annoyance, as we already know all too well. Having traces of dandruff on your clothes, especially if you like wearing darker shades is such a turn off, and seeing it on someone’s head is just as bad. It’s one of those little things that can completely make or break your overall appearance and destroy all that time invested in looking your best.

Luckily for you, I’m here with some very helpful home remedies for treating this problem, nullifying the need to expose your hair and scalp to all those harmful chemicals we all know the famous anti-dandruff products contain in bulks.

Before we head straight to the solutions of our dandruff problem we should make one simple check first. You need to be sure if you actually have dandruff or not. I know you must be pretty confused right about now, but hear me out on this. Dry scalp is a condition that manifests in similar ways as dandruff, but it’s completely different when it comes to treating it. So, if you think you have dandruff, but you actually have dry scalp the home remedies I’m about to share with you won’t do all that much. I’ll be also writing an article about natural dry scalp treatments, but this is not the place to do it. Just a simple warning, as identifying the problem is the most important step in finally solving it.

recipes for dandruff

All that being said, we can move straight to removing those white flakes from your life once and for all.

Vinegar rinse

This will sound like an awful idea at first, but vinegar has proven its role as a very good friend of our hair times and times again, so we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Let me just point out that you’ll want to be using white or apple cider vinegar for best results.

Vinegar will strike at the very root of the issue. Let’s go over the basics when it comes to dandruff, just so we can better grasp the full picture. Dandruff appears because the skin cells on your scalp are maturing before time, resulting in their untimely demise. They than build up and start causing all sorts of irritations on your scalp. Vinegar will do a great job in removing those unwanted cells of dead skin, resulting in them not turning into out number one scalp enemy. Vinegar also acts as a prefect fungicide, which will eliminate fungus, also one of the very well known causes of dandruff. It will also have way less of a chemical impact on your hair than some heavy anti-dandruff shampoos over there.

The only downside of this method is that your hair will be vinegar-scented for a while, so it might not be such a good idea before some business meeting or some similar occasion. It will go away after some time anyways, so this shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

recipes for dandruff

Baking soda breaking it up

Baking soda is probably the most useful thing that’s just lying around pretty much everybody’s house. It can be used for so many different things, and killing off dandruff is definitely one of them.

The first reason baking soda is that effective is that it acts as a mild exfoliant, and we all know what that’s all about. It will remove excess dead skin in no time, thus preventing dandruff from even starting to form on your scalp. It also performs its fungicide role pretty well, and we’ve already said that overabundant fungi can also cause the formation of dandruff. There’s also one added bonus here when it comes to treating your hair with baking soda. It features very tiny particles, which will actually remove dandruff from your hair instead of just breaking the large skin chunks into smaller ones, only adding to the problem in the process.

Listerine for the win

Listerine was firstly used by dentists as a strong antiseptic. Later on, it found its way onto our shelves as a mouth wash, but it can also be used in helping you get rid of your dandruff problem. I’ve already said enough about fungus, as it really is the number one cause of dandruff, and Listerine being what it is will fight that fungus like there’s no tomorrow, and win out every time.

How I replaced half of my toolbox with a multi tool

toolboxAre you about to start a long home renovation project that will involve refreshing and improving many of your rooms? Or you just want to retile your kitchen’s floor to make it cozier and more comfortable?

Well, I just finished one of those and I couldn’t help myself but share something. Having a multi tool on my belt and a power oscillating tool nearby during my whole project made my life a lot easier. The important part is choosing quality stuff, believe me, this is no place to save. A little tip I have to share here is that I found a website made by this guy Morry with plethora of multi tool reviews, ratings and comparisons. This website helped me choose the best suited multi functional tool for my needs.

Whatever your home improvement project is going to be, you surely need a lot of high-quality tools to perform all your operations in due safety and…

What? You don’t need more? Yes, actually you can substitute a lot of your old-styled tools with just a multi-purpose tool that will just make your toolbox look like it’s an obsolete and outdated relic from the distant past! And if you choose right, most of the pieces included in these amazing gadgets can do as good of a job as any standalone tool.

Make your neighbors look like ancient cavemen laboriously working with their flint and stone tools while you impress them with the newest technologies from the future!

Not all multi-tools perform the same tasks, and some are created in a really ingenious way. We thoroughly tested many of them, and found some of them to be particularly more useful than others.

multi toolOne of the most used is the Swiss multi-tool, which may include all kind of small tools used for quick fixes like a pair of scissors, a knife, a plier, a saw blade and other cutting tools.

The highest quality ones feature many well-honed blades that will require only a single cut to slice duct tape, with good spring action that will keep snipping over and over without jamming or becoming rusty.

Finer saw blade are able to smoothly cut through anything without bending or losing their teeth. Pliers are great to remove staples from wooden planks or firmly yank cables, although the lower-end tools will lack a firm grip to avoid slipping.

Other useful things may include cap lifter, files, wrenches and small crate openers which can be locked in place to ensure a firmer grip. Look out for lighter yet sturdier Swiss multi-tools tough: even the simpler designs can be good if the tools are robust enough without feeling too heavy on your hands.

The other larger group of multi-tools is oscillating power multi tools: modern ones are faster and cheaper than ever (their priced dropped dramatically in just a few years), and they can perform all kind of jobs thanks to their interchangeable accessories.

Just by changing its accessories you can use them for sanding, scraping, grinding, cutting and polishing all kind of materials, from wood to metal, ceramic, plastics, cement and drywall, up to less common materials like mortar and fiberglass.

Other than the most common uses like sanding all kind of material with incredible smoothness, oscillating multi-tools can do any kind of strange job thanks to the fact that you can fit them all kind of blades for your saw, discs and pads for grinding and sanding. With a wood blade attached you can use it to reach nearly inaccessible places, for example trimming the bottom ends of door casing so the flooring will neatly fit.

Some of them are light and easy to grip, and can allow for extremely low speeds which are great for extra control in cutting soft materials or working in confined spaces. The better ones will offer higher performances with lesser vibration and firmer hand grips, and can cut aggressively with impressive staying power.